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As one of the key links in the production process of solar cells, graphite boats play a very important role as the silicon wafer coating carrier in the equipment.

In order to form a photovoltaic cell module with a high conversion rate, the coating effect of the solar collector is very critical. To this end, we provide special graphite materials with dimensional stability, and precision-carrying solar wafers made from it provide precise positioning.

Graphite boat product advantages

1. High-precision machining equipment and good process flow can effectively ensure the basic size and good appearance of the graphite boat.

2. It is made of high-purity graphite material, with low impurity content, high strength, and will not deform after long-term use at high temperatures.

3. Adopting the production technology that eliminates the "color film", the long-term process produces "color film" in the middle of the production.

4. It can fully match the furnaces of CT, Jiejia Weichuang, Han's and other manufacturers.

Graphite boat cleaning and maintenance

Reception of Xinzhou:

Before opening the package, check whether the outer package is intact and the graphite boat is intact; whether there are cracks or breaks in the appearance, boat and ceramic components; and whether the components are missing. Products that are found to be deformed or lost in the outer packaging and the above-mentioned problems should contact the supplier in time.

Cleaning of graphite boat:

1. Before using the new boat for the first time, it is recommended to use deionized water + hydrofluoric acid solution for cleaning for about 3-5 hours; then rinse with deionized water for 8-12 hours; until it is confirmed that the boat has no acidic components. After rinsing, you can test the used water or the washed boat with a PH test paper to confirm the cleaning result. Then dry as required.

2. Cleaning of the graphite boat after use

Generally, the silicon carbide on the surface of the graphite boat needs to be cleaned after about 100-150 times of use. It is recommended to use a hydrofluoric acid solution with a concentration of 15-25% for cleaning in three rounds, each for 4-5 hours; and during the immersion cleaning process, perform periodic nitrogen bubbling and flush for about half an hour;

Note: It is not recommended to use air directly as the air source for bubbling. After pickling, rinse with pure water for about 10 hours, and confirm that the boat body has been thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, please check the surface of the boat, the joints between the graphite stuck points and the boat, and whether there is any residual silicon nitride in other parts. Then dry as required.

Precautions for cleaning:

Since hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive substance and has a certain degree of volatility, it is dangerous to operators. Therefore, the operators of the cleaning posts must do a good job of safety protection and carry out special management.

It is recommended to disassemble the boat during cleaning and only clean the graphite parts, so that all contact parts can be cleaned more thoroughly.

Drying of graphite boat:

1. It is recommended to use an oven with timing function and circulating exhaust, so that the steam can be directly pumped to prevent the steam from being prevented from being exhausted and preventing the graphite boat from being completely dried.

2. After cleaning, the graphite boat should be air showered or blow-dried for at least a period of time to ensure that there are no water droplets or water marks on the surface of the boat, and then put it into the oven. Do not directly put the graphite boat that has just been cleaned into the oven.

3.3. Set the temperature of the oven at 100-120 degrees Celsius, run and keep it for 10-12 hours, and determine a fixed drying time period based on the production cycle.

Pretreatment of graphite boat:

Before entering the PE furnace tube, check whether the graphite boat is in good condition again. It is recommended that the normal time of pretreatment (saturation) is 200-240 minutes; as the number of times and time of graphite boat cleaning increases, the saturation time needs to be extended accordingly.

It is recommended not to pre-treat in the empty boat state, it is best to install fake or waste films; although the operating procedure is longer, the pre-treatment time can be shortened and the service life of the boat can be prolonged.

Maintenance of graphite boat:

1. The storage of graphite boats: graphite boats should be stored in a dry and clean environment. Due to the interstitial structure of graphite itself, it has a certain degree of adsorption. Moist or polluted environment will make the graphite boat after cleaning and drying easy to be polluted or damp again.

2. The ceramic and graphite parts of the graphite boat components are fragile materials. Avoid rubbing during transportation or use; if the components are found to be broken, cracked, loose, etc., they should be replaced and re-locked in time.

3. Replacement of graphite craft stuck points: According to the frequency and time of use, and the actual shadow area of the battery, the graphite boat craft stuck points should be replaced periodically.

According to the requirements of equipment and process, the specifications of the graphite boat are as follows






Single crystal/polycrystal


High purity graphite,

Can be used for imported and domestic PECVD equipment





Graphite boat related accessories


125Graphite Boat Edge Piece

125Graphite Boat Intermediate Sheet


156Graphite Boat Edge Piece

156Graphite Boat Intermediate Sheet

Graphite screw


Use high-purity graphite







Graphite nut




Packed in plywood wooden box or according to customer requirements

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