Carbon Test

1. Ash and Volatile: Heating up to 850℃ by Muffle furnace, the weight of the sample loss and remain.

2. Sulphur: Tested by Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

3. Carbon: Tested and Calculated by experiment.

4. Nitrogen: Firing the carbon raiser sample by Horizontal Resistance Furnace, the nitrogen will be transformed into ammonia in the steam, With the presence of alkaline potassium persulfate,we can get nitrogen content by Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy,UV-Vis.

5. Grain Size: Analysis of in-situ particle system

6. Absorption Rate: Data from customer

7. Moisture: Tested by The cassette trace moisture analyzer

Graphite Test

1.Ash and Volatile : Heating up to 850 ℃ by Muffle furnace, the weight of the sample loss and remain.

2.Flexural Strength : Tested by Digital Flexural Strength Testing Machine

3.Compressive Strength : Tested under GB/T13465-I ,then calculated by formulary

4.Carbon : Tested and Calculated by experiment.

5.Porosity : Testing the quality and volume or soak media method

6.Resistivity : Measured by HOKI or DC Powder Supply and Multimeter like FLUKE45.

Packaging Control


The default packaging:25kg each waterproof P.P bag or kraft paper bag,in addition of ton bag or pallet.

Other forms of packing: Designated packing in accordance with customers‘ requirements

Graphite Products:

Wooden case packing,Heavy cargo with steel belt.