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- January 26, 2022

Types and uses of carbon solid raw materials

Carbon graphite material is a kind of granular structure material, which is made of different particle sizes of various raw materials by adding binder, kneading, forming, roasting and graphitizing. Therefore, the performance of the material is not only related to the particle size of the particles, the type and amount of the binder, and the process control and operation in the production process, but also to the type and performance of the raw material itself.

There are many solid raw materials used in the production of carbon graphite materials, such as ordinary petroleum coke, needle petroleum coke, pitch coke, artificial graphite, natural graphite, carbon black, anthracite, metallurgical coke, charcoal, sugar charcoal, bone charcoal, etc.; For electric carbon products, there are copper, silver, tin, lead and other metal powders and artificial resins; for mechanical carbon and furnace lining materials, there are silicon carbide, carbon dioxide, clay, etc.; for carbon fibers and their composite materials, there are also Rayon, polyacrylonitrile, etc.