Industry News

- January 13, 2022

Precautions during the storage of raw materials

(1) The storage site of carbonaceous raw materials must be a cement floor, and the mixing of external impurities should be minimized when storing raw materials.

(2) During the storage of raw materials, it is strictly forbidden to mix dust, sediment and other impurities. It is best to store less ash materials in storage, and urgently need raw materials should be in stock. For spare raw materials, if there is no warehouse for storage, it can also be stored in the open air, but management must be strengthened and appropriate measures must be taken.

(3) The carbonaceous raw materials should be prevented from being mixed with each other during storage, especially the more ash raw materials should be prevented from being mixed into the less ash raw materials. If the raw material is mixed, it should be downgraded. For the same type of raw materials, if the quality inspection results are quite different, they should be stacked separately.

(4) It is necessary to prevent rain and snow, so as not to increase the moisture of the raw materials due to the infiltration of rain or snow, thus affecting the degree of heat treatment during the calcination or drying process, and increasing the fuel consumption.

(5) Pay attention to the turnover of new and old raw materials stored, and some raw materials should not be stored for too long.

(6) It is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of the stored raw materials, so as to grasp the quality changes of the stored raw materials in time. If the quality of the stored raw material changes beyond the requirements, it should be discontinued.