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- December 24, 2021

Carbon rods have varieties and uses

The carbon rod is made of carbonaceous material or graphite material as the base material. Carbon rods can be used as electrodes for arc discharge in various electrical equipment that generate heat or light energy. High temperature and strong luminous intensity are generated during arc discharge.

Carbon rods can be divided into film projection carbon rods, high color temperature photography carbon rods, ultraviolet and sunlight type carbon rods, photoengraving carbon rods, carbon arc air gouging carbon rods, precision casting carbon rods, electrolytic carbon rods, arc lighting according to their uses. Carbon rods, spectral carbon rods, battery carbon rods and welding carbon rods, etc.

Arc lighting carbon rods are used in searchlights and strong arc lamps for film projection, photography, photoengraving and ultraviolet light sources. Carbon arc gouging carbon rods are used for arc cutting of metal materials, drilling holes, and eliminating casting risers and other defects. , Spectral carbon rods are used for emission spectrographs, welding carbon rods are used as electrodes for arc welding, and electrolytic carbon rods are used for electrolysis of molten metal salts or solutions. In addition, there are graphite tubes for graphite furnace atomic absorption analysis.