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- December 08, 2021

Production process of electric charcoal products

(1) Raw materials. The raw materials used in the production of electric carbon products include carbon and graphite powder, metal powder and binders.

(2) Calcining. The calcination of petroleum coke for the production of electric charcoal products generally adopts electric calcination.

(3) Ingredients. According to the performance requirements of electric carbon products, 4-5 solid powders are used to form ingredients.

(4) Material mixing. The mixing mainly uses a dry mixer, a double-shaft stirring knife kneader, a pressure mixer and a continuous mixer.

(5) Rolled sheet. The paste prepared with coal tar pitch as a binder needs to be rolled to ensure the uniformity of the mixing of various materials.

(6) Flour milling. The kneaded material and the rolled sheet material are pulverized to obtain a compressed powder.

(7) Pressure type. The molding of electric carbon product blanks generally adopts compression molding, and the molding equipment includes hydraulic presses and mechanical presses.

(8) Thermal processing. Thermal processing includes solidification, sintering and roasting, and the roasting of electric carbon products can be carried out in a tunnel kiln.

(9) Graphitization. The preparation of electrochemical graphite brushes requires graphitization heat treatment. Graphitization uses an Acheson graphitization furnace, with petroleum coke particles as resistance material, and carbon black as insulation material.

(10) Impregnation. Impregnating materials include coal tar pitch, synthetic resin, metal alloys and lubricants.

(11) Machining. The machining process includes cutting, grinding, chamfering and drilling.

(12) Assembly. Assembling the lead wire to the brush body is usually assembled by blocking method, but also by welding method, pipe expansion method and direct press-in method.