Industry News

- February 14, 2022

Impregnating agent

Carbon graphite material is a porous material, and the general porosity is 15%-20%. Therefore, in the production of carbon, in order to improve the bulk density, impermeability, lubricity, strength and other special properties of the product, it is required for the product to be in After roasting or graphitization and machining, impregnation process measures are taken. The substance used for impregnation is called impregnating agent. Impregnating agent and binder are basically the same, but have different requirements for some technical indicators. Commonly used impregnants are:

(1) Coal tar, castor oil, coal tar.

(2) Artificial resin

(3) Metal or alloy

(4) Greases

(5) Inorganic compounds

(6) Other impregnating agents