Industry News

- May 25, 2021

The forefront of the development of the carbon industry

The new carbon material has a series of excellent characteristics such as high density, high strength, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance, radiation resistance, low electrical resistance, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion rate, and good physiological compatibility. It is a new material for both military and civilian use. , And develop rapidly. In addition to the products mentioned above, there are carbon (graphite) and its composite materials, carbon molecular sieves, carbon microspheres, high specific strength and high specific modulus carbon (graphite) structural materials and functional materials, which have been successfully applied to aerospace, Aviation, submarine, atomic energy and other industries. Especially for the C60 series of carbon, carbon nanotubes were discovered. This is a huge development in carbon science and has shown broad prospects for the development, research and application of carbon chemistry and carbon materials. Such as high specific strength and high specific modulus structural materials, superconducting and electrode materials, electronic materials and electronic devices, nano materials, hydrogen storage materials, catalyst materials, etc. The newly developed nanotechnology will promote a technological revolution in material supply and even the entire industrial field.