Industry News

- July 01, 2021

The position and function of the carbon industry

Compared with large industries such as machinery, automobiles, electronics and electricity, mining and metallurgy, railway and transportation, carbon industry is a small industry, but it occupies an important position and plays an important role in the development of national economy.For example, in China's first five-year plan, 156 new large-scale projects were built, of which the carbon industry accounted for two projects.For example: the development of iron and steel industry, cannot do without carbon materials and products, especially smelting alloy steel furnace, must have graphitized electrode.Electrolytic aluminum production, each one ton of production needs to consume 400-450kg of carbon anode.In addition to the ordinary civilian industry, in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, military and other fields, there are a wide range of USES, such as carbon fiber composite material than high strength, light weight, can be used as shell material and structure, including aircraft, spacecraft, the spacecraft, such as isotropic graphite material as the missile nose cones, throat lining, the nuclear reactor neutron moderator, reflector, protective cover, etc.

In daily life, carbon materials have been widely used, such as heart valves and other physiological charcoal, tennis and badminton rackets and other sporting goods.Now, the tableware of the advanced guesthouse of developed country such as Japan, Korea also uses carbon graphite material to make -- call green tableware.It can be said that carbon products have entered the industry, national defense, military and every aspect of daily life.