Company News

- August 29, 2019

Tennry Sales Personnel Product Knowledge Competition

On August 22, 2019, Qingdao Tennry Carbon Co., Ltd. held the first sales personnel product knowledge contest. For the first time, the product knowledge test was conducted in the form of a contest answer. During the competition, everyone joined the knowledge learning, exams and games through a fierce response.


Since its inception, Qingdao Tennry Carbon Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the training of professional and technical personnel. Whether it is research and development, production, sales or after-sales service personnel have to go through various types of training.

The training arrangement is based on the employee's job responsibilities and combined with personal interests, based on the resources and reasonable and fair. All employees of the company have the right and obligation to receive relevant training.

The training system includes new employee induction training, apprenticeship training, management personnel training and professional and technical personnel training. According to the actual situation of the company, the training will be implemented through flexible and diverse training methods combining business training, centralized training, internal training and external training.

The training content has different emphasis on the training content according to the employee's existing knowledge structure, position and professional characteristics.

The new employee induction training focuses on corporate culture, experience concept, rules and regulations, and development goals, and assists new employees to adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible and smoothly enter the job.

The old staff took the position training, and adopted the “one belt one” or “one belt” fixed instructor responsibility system for the newly recruited employees, mainly to guide the professional knowledge and skills, solve the difficult problems, and make them according to the positions. Request to be familiar with business content and workflow as soon as possible.

Excellence, from the professional, the company since its inception, relying on high-quality professional and technical management team, focus on quality, and be brave in innovation. Tennry people use sweat and wisdom to shape the tough quality of products and timely and efficient service.