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- July 09, 2019

Participated In The 2019 METEC In Germany

METEC and GIFA are the world's largest integrated metallurgical and foundry exhibitions. The exhibition will be held from June 25th to 29th, and THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST will be held in the same period, so the overall scale will be very large. The exhibition covers areas such as production and refining of raw materials and basic materials, steel production, non-ferrous metals, foundry, electric steelmaking, measurement, environmental protection, consulting design and services. Due to changes in the content of the exhibits, the audience of this exhibition has also expanded, in addition to traditions from steel mills, metal processing, non-ferrous metal processing plants, steel users and steel refineries, steel traders, parts suppliers and system providers, logistics companies, etc. Outside the audience, visitors from the automotive, aircraft, railway locomotives, shipbuilding, structural engineering, sheet metal manufacturing, machinery and equipment engineering will also bring more effects to exhibitors.


Qingdao Tennry Carbon Co., Ltd. went to Germany to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition was well prepared in the early stage. Samples of various graphite products, sufficient promotional materials, and custom-made tea gifts with Chinese characteristics have been prepared and are loved by many customers.


During the exhibition, Tennry's colleagues warmly received visitors from all over the world, patiently and carefully answered the questions of customers, and won the trust of customers with solid and professional knowledge.

In the face of the future, we shoulder responsibility and mission. From lean manufacturing to service support, from reliable products to customized solutions, as a tailor-made graphite product expert, Qingdao Tennry Carbon is always your most powerful partner!