- June 20, 2019 Classification and description of carbon products(1)

Carbon products can be divided into graphite electrode class, carbon block class, graphite anode class, carbon electrode class, paste class, electrical carbon class, carbon fiber class, special graphite class, graphite heat exchanger class.According to the allowable current density, graphite electrode can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrode.High power electrode, ultra high power electrode.Carbon blocks can be divided into blast furnace carbon blocks, aluminum carbon blocks, electric furnace blocks and so on.Carbon products according to the depth of processing can be divided into carbon products, graphite products, carbon fiber and graphite fiber.Carbon products according to raw materials and production process, can be divided into graphite products, carbon products, carbon fiber, special graphite products.Carbon products according to its ash content, can be divided into more ash products and less ash products (ash content less than l %). The national technical standards and technical standards issued by the ministry of China for carbon products are classified according to different USES and production processes of the products.This classification method basically reflects different USES of products and different production processes, and is also convenient for accounting, so its calculation method also adopts this classification standard.The classification and description of carbon products are introduced below.

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