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- May 20, 2021

Method And Classification Of Machining

Importance of machining

The production cycle of carbon graphite products is long, and it usually takes 3 months to half a year from the raw materials to the factory to the product leaving the factory. In addition, a lot of manpower, material resources and energy need to be invested from raw materials to the production of blanks before processing. For graphitized electrodes, the production cost of graphitized blanks is about 95% of the total production cost of graphitized electrodes, while the manpower, material resources, energy and time consumed by mechanical processing are extremely small compared to the production of graphitized blanks. . If the product is scrapped or downgraded due to mechanical processing, it is not economically cost-effective, and it is also a waste of manpower, material resources, energy and time.

The blank materials produced must be machined. Products produced by carbon and electric charcoal plants are ultimately exchanged with society as commodities. The price of materials is generally relatively low. Only when the rough material is processed into products can it have a high commodity value. For commodities, not only the materials are better, but the processing quality and even the packaging quality are important factors that affect the quality and price of the product. Pay attention to machinery Processing quality is one of the ways to improve product value.

In addition, from the point of view of use, products with low processing accuracy and smoothness are also unfavorable for use. For example, if the electrode is broken or dropped at the threaded connection in the electric arc furnace, it is often not due to the poor material of the electrode, but Caused by poor processing quality. Therefore, to improve product quality, in addition to improving the quality of the material itself, the quality of machining should also be improved.