Industry News

- May 14, 2021

Impregnation object and impregnant type

Among the carbon products, the products that need to be impregnated are as follows:

(1) Products with higher density, mechanical strength and lower resistivity are required. Such as ultra-high power electrodes, various joint blanks, graphite anodes, carbon products for machinery, etc.

(2) Impermeable graphite required by chemical equipment. For example, heat exchangers, pumps, chemical pipelines and pipe fittings, sealing rings and sealing rings used in chemical equipment, etc.

(3) Products used in the production of wear-resistant materials. For example, piston rings, bearings, directional rings, sliding electrical contacts, etc.

(4) Products with special requirements. Such as high-density and high-strength graphite.

Generally used impregnants include asphalt, synthetic resins, metals, lubricants, inorganic compounds, etc., which can be selected according to the different performance requirements of the impregnated objects. In the selection of impregnating agent, care must be taken that the product should not weaken its main function after impregnation. For example, as a conductive material of carbon products, the immersion should not affect its conductivity. As a product of chemical machinery structural material, the immersion material should not reduce its thermal conductivity, heat resistance and thermal stability.