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- June 14, 2019

Graphite electrode application industry

Artificial graphite electrodes, mostly used in electric arc furnace steelmaking and yellow phosphorus, as well as industrial silicon

Graphite electrodes are mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke, and coal tar is used as a binder. It is made by calcination, compounding, kneading, pressing, roasting, graphitization and machining. It is released in the form of electric arc in electric arc furnace. The conductor that heats and melts the charge of the electric charge can be classified into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power according to its quality index. Graphite electrodes include:

(1) Ordinary power graphite electrode. It is allowed to use graphite electrodes with current density lower than 17A/cm2, which are mainly used in ordinary power electric furnaces such as steel making, silicon refining, and yellowing phosphorus.

(2)High power graphite electrode. Graphite electrodes with a current density of 18 to 25 A/cm 2 are allowed, and are mainly used in high-power electric arc furnaces for steel making.

(3) Ultra high power graphite electrode. A graphite electrode with a current density greater than 25 A/cm 2 is allowed. Mainly used in ultra-high power steelmaking electric arc furnaces.