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- June 06, 2019

Characteristics Of Graphite Crucible

Graphite crucible has the following characteristics

  1. Thermal stability: Specially designed to ensure the reliability of product quality for the use conditions of graphite crucibles.

     2. Corrosion resistance: The uniform and fine base design delays the erosion of the concrete.

     3. Impact resistance: The thermal shock strength of graphite crucible can be extremely high, so any process can be safely carried out.

  4. Acid resistance: The addition of special materials significantly improves the quality of niobium, excels in acid resistance and greatly extends the service life of graphite crucibles.

     5. High thermal conductivity: High content of fixed carbon ensures good thermal conductivity, shortens melting time and significantly reduces energy consumption.

     6. Control of metal pollution: The strict control of the material composition ensures that the graphite crucible does not pollute the metal during dissolution.

Our graphite crucible is made from selective raw material,and added into anti oxidation composition,improved the stability,retarded the corrosion and ensured to keep the metal from being polluted by the graphite crucible.