Industry News

- November 27, 2020

Purpose of machining

Although various carbon graphite products have a certain shape and size after forming, they will expand and contract, deform and bend, and damage during the process from the calcining, impregnation and graphitization treatment of the compact to the graphitized blank. Or drop corners, the surface adheres to some fillers and insulation materials and is rough and uneven, and its shape and size have changed to a certain extent. It cannot meet the strict requirements for the shape, size and surface roughness of the product during use. , Cannot be used without machining. In addition, some products have complex structures and shapes that cannot be directly produced by forming methods, such as metal continuous casting and rolling graphite molds, EDM graphite molds, graphite boats for cemented carbide sintering, plates and other special graphite products. There are also products that need to be connected to each other during use, such as the connection thread of the steel-making electrode and the joint, the installation of the brush braid of the electric brush, and the dovetail groove of the carbon block, etc., all require mechanical processing to be manufactured. Therefore, the purpose of mechanical processing of carbon graphite products is to use the product to meet the specified shape, size, surface roughness and other special requirements during use.

Although most carbon graphite products require mechanical processing, some products can also be used without mechanical processing, such as pre-baked anodes for aluminum smelting, brushes with brush braids, some small brushes and electrical contacts, and Some resin-type sealing rings and sleeves, etc.