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- November 19, 2020

Factors Affecting The Impregnation Effect

Factors affecting the impregnation effect

Factors affecting the impregnation effect: one is the impregnation process conditions (such as temperature, pressure), and the other is the physical and chemical properties of the impregnation.

Influence of process conditions

(1) Temperature (product preheating temperature, impregnating tank temperature, impregnating agent temperature), depending on the impregnation process: 1. The product is preheated too high and easy to oxidize; if the temperature is too low, it will quickly cool off from the preheating box and enter the impregnation In the tank, the impregnant will increase its viscosity and worsen fluidity when encountering cold products, so the impregnation effect is poor. 2. If the tank temperature is too high, the asphalt is prone to oxidative condensation reaction, the viscosity will increase, and the fluidity will become poor; the tank temperature is too low, the fluidity of the asphalt is also poor, and the impregnation effect is not ideal.

(2) Pressure (vacuum degree of dipping tank, pressurized pressure and pressurized time)

Influence of impregnant's physical and chemical properties

(1) The greater the density of the impregnant, the higher the coking residue rate and the better the impregnation effect.

(2) The viscosity is appropriate. The smaller the viscosity of the impregnant, the better the fluidity, and it is easier to penetrate into the smaller pores, but if the viscosity is too small, the amount of coke precipitation is bound to decrease.

(3) The greater the surface tension of the impregnant liquid, the better. The greater the surface tension, the smaller the wetting contact angle to the surface of the product, resulting in a greater capillary osmotic pressure, the better the wetting of the product, and the better the impregnation effect.

(4) The smaller the suspended matter in the impregnant and the better its spherical shape. If the penetrating power of spherical fine particles is strong, the impregnation effect is better.