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- March 19, 2021

Low Ash Graphite Rotor For Sale

It is mainly used to input argon or nitrogen into the aluminum melt, and rotate at 750°C at a speed of 200r/min~400r/min and strongly agitate the aluminum liquid, so that the argon or nitrogen entering the aluminum melt will break up and form a lot Small bubbles disperse in the molten metal. At the same time, the rotating rotor also promotes the diffusion of hydrogen and inclusions in the aluminum melt to make them contact with the bubbles. The bubbles in the melt rely on the gas partial pressure difference and the principle of surface adsorption to absorb The hydrogen in the melt absorbs oxidized slag and is carried out of the melt surface as the bubbles rise, so that the melt can be purified. The density generally defaults to 1.7g/cm3. After anti-oxidation treatment, the density can reach 1.75-1.78g/cm3. Whether the surface is treated with anti-oxidation depends on the needs of customers.

When in use, it is best to preheat at 100°C. In order to dry the graphite rotor so that it is not humid, the anti-oxidation effect will be best.