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By Jonathan - April 12, 2018

Main application areas of graphite products

Chemical Equipment, Silicon Carbide Furnace, Graphite Furnace Special Carbon Chemical Equipment, Silicon Carbide Furnace, Graphite Furnace Dedicated Fine Structure Graphite Electrode and Square Brick Fine Particles Graphite Tile for Silicon Carbide Furnace, Graphitizing Furnace, etc. Metallurgical Furnace Furnace linings and conductive materials are also used in impervious graphite heat exchangers for chemical equipment and graphite dies.

Carbon semiconductor graphite mold for electronic semiconductor industry, fuel cell deflector, graphite matrix, graphite mat for cutting silicon rod, graphite liner for electron beam evaporation, graphite boat for glass metal encapsulation, graphite for electronic sintering mold, ion implantation Graphite parts, single crystal furnace graphite heat fields, etc.

The specific carbon products used in the machinery industry include: graphite sealed moving rings, sealed static rings, graphite bearings, lubricating columns, graphite blades, and mechanical sealing parts impregnated with various metals or resins.

The specific carbon products for diamond tool sintering molds include: graphite composite molds, clay molds, oil gages, gage rings and nozzle rods.

Carbon-graphite products for smelting and processing of non-ferrous metals Specific products include: graphite crucibles, graphite boats, precision cast graphite molds, molten gold crucibles, graphite diverters, graphite sleeves, graphite crystallizers, flow nozzles, welded metal cables Use crucibles, degassing stirrers, rotor rods and impellers.

The carbon used for high temperature treatment of industrial furnaces is used for various heating elements in large-scale industrial furnaces or vacuum furnaces, heating chambers, hearths, heating tubes, brackets, connecting plates, adjusting plates, connecting pieces, conductive rod joints, heaters, Insulation room, trays, boxes, graphite plates, etc.