Industry News

- May 27, 2019

EDM graphite electrode use recommendations

Compared with the copper electrode,EDM graphite electrodes has more advantages:

lower producing cost,faster producing speed,easier to be polished,lighter weight,less consumption and high temperature resistance.

Suggested Use

1. The good results of EDM,not only need to select the appropriate EDM material,and need proper machine Settings,Such as peak current,pulse width,down time,spark position,electrode polarity,and washing conditions.

2. Due to the differences of working shape,for new shape of EDM machine setting is mainly based on experience,and adjustment during the processing. In fact,different Settings combination determines the producible quantity of EDM.

3. That is why EDM experience is the main reason makes successful,Our technical team could provide the basic support for these different Settings.These information will help you determine the proper parameters.