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- August 20, 2021

Type of electric carbon products

Electric carbon products full name electrical carbon products, involving the power and electronic industry in the field of carbon - graphite materials, including motor carbon brush, electric locomotive conductive bow slider and other electronic industry carbon - graphite products.  

(1) Electric brush for motor.  Electric carbon products mainly brush.  A brush is a sliding contact for a motor commutator or collector ring to upload conductive current.  According to the soft and hard brush material can be divided into soft brush, hard brush and hard brush;  According to the use of the brush can be divided into turbo-generator brush, steel rolling motor brush, traction motor brush, automobile tractor brush, power tools brush, aircraft brush and aerospace motor brush;  According to the color of the brush can be divided into black brush and colored brush;  According to the raw material composition and production process can be divided into graphite brush, electrochemical graphite brush, resin bonded graphite brush and metal graphite brush.  

(2) Carbon graphite products for electrical contacts.  Including electric locomotives, trolleybuses and overhead cars from the overhead wire to take the current of the slide block, as well as power switches and a variety of electrical equipment, automatic meters in the electrical contact, etc..  

(3) Carbon-graphite resistors and heating materials.  

(4) graphite products for rectifiers and electronic tubes.  

(5) Carbon - graphite products for telecommunication engineering.  

(6) Graphite electrode for electromachining.  

Electric carbon products have good conductivity and thermal conductivity, self-lubrication, no melting under the action of arc, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and small coefficient of linear expansion, etc.