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- July 20, 2021

The role and conditions of the adhesive

Carbon graphite material is the same powder-grain structure material as refractory and concrete. Except for non-ferrous electric brushes and mechanical metal-graphite products, which are formed by phase transformation of metal powder at the sintering temperature to form a whole body with a certain strength, the usual carbon-graphite powder particles, even at high temperatures, they Nor can they stick together spontaneously. To make them bond to form a whole with a certain shape and a certain strength, a certain amount of substance that can make carbon powder or fibrous fine substances bond into a whole must be added. This kind of substance is called a binder.

Conditions that the adhesive should have:

1) The binder must be able to mix with the main material to form a plastic substance.

2) The binder becomes a viscous liquid in the appropriate temperature range. And can have good adhesion and adsorption with the particles of the main material, and the adsorption force is large.

3) The binder should be an organic substance with less ash content, and after carbonization, it should exhibit a strong consolidation effect between the particle interface of the main material.

4) After the binder is melted into a liquid state, the main material can be fully and uniformly wetted, and penetrate into the gap between the powder and granules, and penetrate into the capillary with radius r.