Industry News

- October 15, 2021

Raw materials selected for graphite electrode production

(1) Raw materials for the production of artificial graphite electrodes. All low-ash raw materials such as petroleum coke and pitch coke can be used to produce high-quality graphite electrodes. Adding pitch coke is to increase the strength of the product. To produce ordinary power graphite electrodes, general quality petroleum coke can be used as raw materials; to produce high-power graphite electrodes, high-quality petroleum coke and some needle coke are used; to produce ultra-high-power graphite electrodes, high-quality needle coke must be used as raw materials. For high-purity graphite electrodes, petroleum coke with very low ash content is required. In order to improve the lubricity and plasticity of the paste, and to improve the conductivity of the product, a part of graphite crushed is also added to the graphite electrode production ingredients.

(2) Raw materials for the production of natural graphite electrodes. Using selected natural graphite as raw material and coal tar pitch as binder, natural graphite electrodes can be produced without graphitization. However, this type of electrode has high resistivity, low mechanical strength, and is easy to break during use.

(3) Raw materials for the production of recycled graphite electrodes. Using the processing and cutting scraps or waste products of graphite materials as raw materials, after pulverization, renewable graphite electrodes can be produced without graphitization treatment. The ash content of this type of electrode is less than 1%, the conductivity is worse than that of the artificial graphite electrode, and the resistivity is about 1.5 times that of the graphite electrode, but the use effect is better than that of the natural graphite electrode.