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- August 21, 2020

Methods and classification of machining

The processing methods of different types of carbon graphite products are different. In summary, the mechanical processing methods of carbon graphite products include: turning, drilling, planing, grinding, milling, cutting and others.

Turning: Mainly processing round surfaces, such as the inner and outer circles of the turning; the other is threading, and it can also flatten the end face, boring and cutting. The commonly used machine tools are lathes, and the processed products include steelmaking and submerged arc furnace electrodes, mechanical carbon graphite bearings and sealing rings, various small carbon rods and graphite crucibles and graphite tubes for films, batteries, and electric arcs.

Planing and milling: mainly processing planes. Commonly used machine tools include planing and milling machines. Mainly used for processing graphitized anodes, chemical anode plates and various carbon blocks, cemented carbide sintering boats, plates, pallets, metal continuous casting molds, graphite molds for EDM, etc.

Drilling and boring: mainly processing holes, using drilling and boring machines, mainly processing electric carbon products and mechanical and chemical carbon graphite products, such as brush braid holes for electric brushes and holes for heat exchangers.

Grinding: Mainly processing external circles and planes, using grinders to process various small carbon rods such as special graphite parts.

Saw: It is mainly used for cutting. The equipment includes sawing machine, such as band saw, band saw and circular saw.