Industry News

- August 13, 2021

high quality graphite workpiece

Mechanical carbon graphite products are carbon-graphite materials used as structural parts in various machines, including various graphite bearings, graphite seal rings, graphite piston rings, graphite sliding plates and graphite brake friction plates.

According to different production processes, mechanical carbon graphite products are mainly divided into 7 categories: (1) Carbon-graphite; (2) Electrochemical graphite; (3) Resin impregnated carbon and electrochemical graphite; (4) Metal impregnated Carbon and electrical graphite; (5) Carbon with resin as a binder—graphite material; (6) Metal—graphite material; (7) Flexible graphite material.

Carbon graphite products for machinery can work in corrosive media in the temperature range of -200~2000℃, and work normally without lubricating oil at a high movement rate. They have self-lubricating properties, good anti-wear performance, and high The thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance, low linear expansion coefficient and good mechanical processing performance.

Carbon graphite products for machinery are mainly used in the following 5 occasions:

(1) Where the temperature is too high to decompose and evaporate the lubricating oil, or where the temperature is low and the lubricating oil is frozen;

(2) Where the lubricating oil is dissolved in contact with organic solvents;

(3) Where it is required to avoid oil or contact with corrosive chemical substances, but the lubricating oil is deteriorated or corroded;

(4) Where ordinary ball bearings cannot be used on high-speed machines;

(5) Shaft seals of various high-pressure and high-speed turbomachinery.