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- August 09, 2021

Characteristics of carbon material machining

(1) The organizational structure of the carbon material is formed by the preparation of carbonaceous solid aggregate particles and powder raw materials through a series of production processes, so its cutting is composed of a certain number of particles and dust. The large amount of carbon dust generated during the cutting process not only pollutes the operating environment and affects the health of the operators, but also the silicon carbide impurities contained in the graphite dust will cause certain wear and tear on the machine tool parts. Therefore, the carbon material machining workshop must be installed more efficiently. High ventilation and dust removal equipment.

(2) Carbon material is a heterogeneous brittle material, and its hardness fluctuates in a considerable range. The hardness of roasted carbon products is large, which leads to difficult processing, and the hardness of graphite products is small, so it is easy to cut. The surface roughness of the processed carbon material is affected to a certain extent by the particle size composition during the production of ingredients. The surface roughness of the processed product of fine particle structure is much better than that of the coarse particle structure.

(3) The machining of carbon materials is the impact, crushing and peeling of the surface particles of the product structure by the tool, so carbon and graphite particles of different sizes are generated during cutting, and the machining of metal materials is A simple peeling action is performed on the surface of the product, and band-shaped chips are generated during cutting.

(4) A certain amount of cutting heat will be generated when cutting carbon materials, but there is no need to use coolant or lubricating fluid on the machined surface. When cutting carbon materials, there will be a certain shock and vibration. At the same time, because the surface of graphite products contains silicon carbide, it is necessary to use high-speed steel or cemented carbide tools with high hardness and good shock and vibration resistance.

(5) Although graphite material is a brittle material with low hardness, the wear on the cutting edge is more serious than cutting cast iron when cutting at low speed. Therefore, high-speed cutting is suitable for cutting graphite materials.

(6) Carbon materials are processed in large batches, with similar basic shapes and sizes, and special fixtures and measuring tools are required. Multi-tool multi-edge turning and milling techniques are often used to process graphite materials.