Industry News

- December 28, 2020

Carbon material production industry classification

In the history of the development of China's carbon material industry, the management scope is mainly divided according to the application direction and distribution system of carbon materials. There are roughly the following types of carbon material manufacturers:

(1) A carbon material enterprise that produces graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon blocks for metallurgical furnaces and self-baking electrodes for iron and steel metallurgy and chemical industries. Its main products are graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, carbon blocks and electrode pastes for electric arc furnaces. The equipment and technology for producing graphite electrodes can also produce high-strength, high-purity and high-density graphite. These carbon materials have a wide range of applications in the nuclear industry, aerospace industry and other industries.

(2) Enterprises that produce carbon materials for power supply and aluminum solution. The electrolytic aluminum industry is the largest user of carbon materials. The products include electrolytic cell lined carbon blocks, conductive pre-baked anodes or anode pastes.

(3) Enterprises that produce carbon materials used in the electrical and mechanical industries. Its main products are electric brushes, conductive sliders for electric locomotives, arc carbon rods, mechanical bearings and seals, etc. The main products are electric brushes and carbon wear-resistant parts.

(4) Enterprises that mine and process natural graphite, diamond and other materials.

(5) Enterprises producing special carbon and graphite products. Its products include carbon fiber, pyrolysis carbon, glassy carbon, graphite interlaminar compound (expanded graphite), etc. The raw materials, production equipment and production process used are quite different from conventional carbon and graphite products.